Mini Helmet Facemask Re-Coating

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Are you a collector that has a large collection with several metal mini helmet facemasks that you’d like to change the color of some of those masks? Or maybe you tried to paint some of your metal facemasks and it doesn’t look quite right? Well Rocker T is here to help! You can mail us your metal mask or masks and we can have them re-coated in one of 28 colors. Now you won’t have to buy a brand new mask to replace a mask you already have.




How it works-


1)Buy a Facemask Re-Coating in whichever color you want your mask to be

  -If you need more than one mask re-coated, buy as many as you’ll need re-coated

2)Checkout and complete purchase

3)Pack up your mask(s) and mail to:

    Rocker T Collectibles

    P.O. Box 561

    Colleyville, TX 76034-0561

4)Once your mask is received, it will be placed in with our monthly shipment to be sent off to have a fresh coating applied.

5)After your mask returns, it will be repackaged and shipped back to you good as new!!!


***Wait times vary. Coating process completion can be 3-6 weeks depending on which time of month your mask is received. We ship masks for coating once a month. So if your mask is received a day after we mailed the most recent order out, your mask will wait another month before going out. If wait times are an issue, please email before purchasing to confirm wait times. This re-coating option is only available for METAL Mini Helmet Facemasks. This is not an option if your mask is made of plastic.