Rocker T Trade-In Program

Get credit to spend at Rocker T by trading in your old collection or accessories

Do you have a huge mini helmet collection that you'd like to thin down? Or maybe you used to collect the older styles of mini helmets and you would like to update it with new style mini helmets. Rocker T now offers a way to trade in your old mini helmets or mini helmet accessories for credit to shop for ANYTHING that Rocker T offers! That includes all chrome items and even the 3D Printed Mini Helmet Kits!!! We know lots of you that shop at Rocker T live for customizing your collection. But doing that is expensive and most of the times it leaves you with leftover parts that you don't know what to do with. Selling on eBay is a pain or having to meet someone up the street that contacted you through Facebook is dangerous. This is the alternative you've always wanted!!! Simply take detailed pictures of the items you are wanting to trade in and email them to We can't guarantee that we will want everything you have available for trade, but what is there to lose? Rocker T is always looking for old metal mini helmet and full size helmet facemasks. Those will always be considered. And if your mini helmets are in close to perfect condition they will receive more credit than an abused collection. So the better your pictures are that show this, the better your offer could possibly be. Once your email has been received, we will review your items and either ask more questions about them or you will receive an offer for Rocker T credit. That credit will be issued to you once your trade-in items have been shipped and received by Rocker T. Your credit will be issued as a one-time discount code to be used to shop for anything we offer!!! That credit can be used for partial payment if your item(s) are more than your discount code was issued for. Also, shipping charges are your responsibility. The charges to ship your trade-in items to Rocker T and for the items you decide to get using your Rocker T Discount Code. 

**Rocker T does not deal in autographed memorabilia. So if an autographed helmet shell is in the items you are submitting for the Trade-In Program, the autograph will not increase the value. It actually reduces the value due to the shell not being able to be reconditioned.