Rocker T Modern Custom Built Metal Facemasks

Most of our facemasks are handmade at Rocker T Collectibles. And most of the styles we offer cannot be found anywhere else. They are made from bare metal and most are professionally coated at RedZone Recon. Not all masks colors are in stock. But all can be made. 

Facemasks do not come with facemasks clips to mount to the helmet. Clips are sold seperately.

Each facemask has an "Availability" on it's page. The meaning of that availability is-

In Stock-More than one popular color in stock, but not all colors in stock. 

Available-One color in stock or zero available and that style will be hand built once sold. Build times vary from 1-6 weeks. Your entire order will be delayed until the completion of your facemask has been completed. Please email if you have wait time concerns.

-Color from monitor may appear slightly different than color of item.