Riddell Z2B Plastic Mini Helmet Facemasks(Chrome Colors)

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Prod. Code: Facemask

Riddell Z2B Facemasks fit Riddell VSR4 Mini Helmet Shells only, Give your Riddell Mini Helmet a new color or make it a true custom with one of these facemasks. Facemasks do not come with facemask clips. 

Don't forget to add Facemask Clips

Rocker T also offers the Z2B Mini Facemask in a metal version!!! Exactly like the full size facemasks!!! It can be coated in 28 different colors. CLICK HERE to see what is available. 

Need Rocker T to build you a complete custom mini helmet? We offer Turnkey Customs that you can pick each individual piece of your helmet and we will build it for you! Click HERE to see your options. 

-Inventory levels are subject to change without notice. 

-Color from monitor may appear slightly different than color of item. 

-The chroming process is completed by hanging the facemasks and then applying the chrome to the masks. The location of where the facemask was hung during chroming will be visible on the backside of the masks. This imperfection is unavoidable and is present on all of our masks.