Schutt Mini Football Office Desk Caddy Shells

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Prod. Code: Air Caddy

You want to make a statement at work? Or maybe you would like to complete the look of your sports-themed home office. Now you can build your own custom office desk caddy with Rocker T. Simply add your own decals to your Schutt Caddy Shell, facemask and facemask clips to build a complete caddy. But who are we kidding? You don't want to build a basic caddy! At Rocker T you can add a custom facemask, or maybe add a custom chinstrap or custom facemask clips. You can even go as far as adding custom hardware to make the caddy look as realistic as possible. The only limitations to what you can create is your imagination. And don't worry if you're intimidated to build it yourself. Rocker T can build it for you and you would simply need to add your own decals and stripes. Just add all of the items you want to be built onto your caddy and add the Turnkey Option to your purchases and we will ship your completed caddy completely built with all accessories added for you. The caddies are in limited stock. So hurry to secure your team's color before they're gone!