Schutt XP Mini Helmet Interior Padding Kit

Price: $19.99

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Prod. Code: Padding

Do you need to replace your Schutt XP Mini Helmet's padding because it's damaged? Or maybe you'd like to add some interior padding to some other type of mini helmet. Rocker T now offers Schutt XP interior padding so you can glue it into your mini helmet!

Need some help mounting the pads inside your mini helmet? Rocker T has Padding Installation Kits so you can make sure every last pad is perfectly straight in your prized mini helmet!

**Padding is brand new but has been removed from a mini helmet. Glue residue or signs that the pads had been previously mounted will be present on the backside of the padding. None of which is visible once mounted in your mini helmet. Velcro mounting attachments are included, but glueing might be required to mount padding on some padding kits.