Rocker T Mini Helmet Padding Installation Kit

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Do you have a 3D printed mini helmet that you would like to add padding to the interior to make it realistic? Or maybe you'd like to add a set of Black Interior Pads to your mini helmet? Well Rocker T is here to help. We now offer Rocker T Mini Helmet Padding Installation Kits. It comes with everything you will need to be able to add pads to whatever style of mini helmet you might have. You can even use this kit to do repairs on those aging mini helmets. So if you have an old autographed mini helmet that you love, but the pads are starting to come out and the adhesive is turning a nasty shade of brown. Simply carefully remove those pads and clean them with some alcohol. Get all of the brown exposed adhesive off of the shell and the pads then use the kit to put the pads back in good as new. The adhesive in the kit dries clear for a top notch finished look. Leave it to Rocker T to think of everything to make your collection be it's very best!!!

*Provided clamps will not reach the centermost pad on the inside of the mini helmet. This pad will need to be installed by hand or a small weighted object. Holding the pad for 5-10 minutes in place will be sufficient for the adhesive to begin curing. Then allow it to fully cure for an hour. Then you can move on to the next pad. 

What's in the kit:

  • (2)Mini Padding Clamps
  • Padding Adhesive
  • Adhesive Spreader
  • (10)Micro Adhesive Applicators
  • (3)Padding Crease Protectors