Rocker T Mini Helmet Chinstrap Snaps

Price: $5.99

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Prod. Code: Hardware

Need to add a few snaps onto your mini helmet? You can now add these snap kits easily with a small screwdriver. And the added benefit of our snap kits, the mounting screws in the kits do zero damage to your mini helmet. No need to remove the interior padding and can be easily removed. Making the Snap Kits very versatile. They can be removed and reused on multiple helmets.

This kit comes with 2 Snaps and 2 Mounting Screws. These snaps are for an added detail for your mini helmet. You can screw these into a preexisting hole. Or you can add a custom location for the snap by drilling a new hole using a 3/32" drill bit. See picture below for example on a mini helmet. These snaps DO NOT work with any of the Rocker T Chinstrap Buckle Upgrade Kits. They are simply to add another detail to your mini helmet.