Rocker T Riddell Speed Mini Helmet Chinstrap Screws

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Prod. Code: Hardware

Add these Rocker T Chinstrap Screws to your Riddell Speed Mini Helmet to add some realism! These specialty screws were selected specifically for Riddell Speed Mini Helmets. They are designed to be used in plastic. They have larger threads to easily screw into your mini helmet. Simply put a hole in your chinstrap in the desired location and turn the screw through it into the existing hole in your Speed Mini Helmet. You can also drill your holes into any type of mini helmet to use these screws. Use a 3/32" drill bit and add a hole to your helmet. The head of the screw is small enough to fit within the width of the chinstrap so it doesn't look too big. The screws are also designed to not be too long to go too deep into the interior of the mini helmet. Notice our example photo is on a Riddell VSR4 Mini Helmet to show the ease of adding these screws to most any mini helmet!