Rocker T Custom Black Facemask Clip Hardware

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Prod. Code: Hardware

Custom Rocker T Black Facemask Clip Hardware Set. Now you can add more realism to your custom mini helmet. You only need a Philips Head Screwdriver to add these to your helmet. Simply unscrew your old screws and add the black screws to your clips. These screws are specifically designed for use in plastic. The screw's head is small enough to fit inside the Authentic Acrylic Facemask Clips. Extra wide threads on the screws to make sure these will go into your mini helmet without stripping out the plastic. If every detail is important to your collection, this cheap detail is a must for your mini helmets!

*These do not fit the Nylon Facemask Clips. For use with any of the Acrylic or Molded Mini Helmet Facemask Clips.*