Schutt Air Reconditioned Throwback Mini Helmet Shells

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Rocker T has acquired a huge lot of ultra rare Schutt Air Mini Helmet Shells from a collector. For the new collector that doesn't know what an "Air" Shell is, the Air shells were used throughout the 80's and 90's. The shells have a smooth round shell, realistic high mount chinstrap and have the round ear holes. These shells are considered "used" but they have been reconditioned at Rocker T. The shells have been graded on each's condition. Depending on your level of customizing abilities, you should choose carefully. For example, a high level customizer might want all of the "Poor" condition shells because they plan on fully painting their own shell anyways. A new collector that wants to put decals on for the first time would want to get the "Near Mint" or maybe "Excellent" condition shells. Here is a description of each of the four different levels of quality-

Near Mint(NM) $19.99- These shells are considered almost "New Old Stock". Most of the Near Mint Shells were never used and look brand new. 

Excellent $14.99- These shells are in good display condition. They could have a few small rubs or a mark that would make it not near mint condition. You would have to look closely to see the flaws. 

Good $9.99- These shells could have a few scratches or rubs. They might also have a few padding tears. You might need to be able to overlook a few flaws to use these shells. 

Poor $4.99- These shells are not in good condition. They would need to be considered for a new paint job or broken down and used for parts. 

**You will receive the helmet shell pictured**