Schutt "Pro Style" No Labeling White High Mount Mini Helmet Chinstrap

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Prod. Code: Chinstrap

This Schutt "Pro Style" High Mount Chinstrap is the standard chinstrap that are on the Schutt XP and Schutt Air Mini Helmets. Except this version has no labeling on the chinstrap. It can be used to replace a lost or broken chinstrap. Or can be used to customize a different type of mini helmet that you want to make look like a pro style mini helmet that needs a high mount chinstrap. The chinstrap can come with either standard plastic chinstrap buckles. Or you can upgrade your chinstrap to Metal Chinstrap Buckles. 

NEED IT TO FIT A RIDDELL MINI HELMET? This is easily done. Simply take an 1/8" drill bit, you don't even have to use a drill, and spin the drill bit in the Riddell's chinstrap buckle holes. This will open up the buckle holes so that the larger buckles from the Schutt chinstrap will fit. If you are adding to a Riddell VSR4 Mini Helmet that doesn't have the high mount chinstrap holes pre-drilled, simply mark the desired location of the top two holes and drill two new 1/8" holes. But you will need the drill for those two holes. 


Rocker T Collectibles offers Metal Chinstrap Buckles to be added to any Schutt XP Chinstrap. Simply choose the Metal Chinstrap Buckles. Here's some example pictures with a chinstrap with the custom Metal Chinstrap Buckles added.