Rocker T Turnkey Schutt XP Custom Mini Helmet Option

Price: $9.99

Availability: In stock

Prod. Code: Turnkey Custom


Want Rocker T to put your custom mini helmet together for you? We can do it for you! Purchase the Rocker T Turnkey Schutt XP Custom Mini Helmet option along with the purchase of all necessary components needed for completing your helmet.  We can build your Mini Helmet with a Blank Speed ShellNCAA Schutt Mini HelmetSchutt ROPO Facemask, Modern FacemaskFacemask ClipsSchutt ChinstrapChinstrap PadSchutt Front & Rear BumpersSchutt Hardware Upgrades and even Mouthguards. Not all of these items need to be purchased to complete a custom. You can have a simple custom built with nothing more than a Blank Helmet Shell, Facemask and Facemask Clips. Any of these accessories can be purchased and added for the single Turnkey Schutt XP Custom upcharge. We will not accept items which you've previously purchased or already own. This is strictly for new purchases that you will be making in this order. Once you've purchased the option and all components for your helmet, you will need to submit an email to support@rockertcollectibles explaining how you would like your custom mini helmet put together. 


**The Turnkey Schutt XP Custom charge will cover the completion of one Schutt XP Mini Helmet to be built. Any accessories that are removed from your Turnkey Schutt XP Custom purchase to be changed out will be retained by Rocker T. Rocker T will not do anything concerning decals or stripes for the mini helmets. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your Turnkey Schutt XP Custom to be built. Purchasing the Turnkey option will delay your entire order until the Turnkey Custom is built. Completed Turnkey built mini helmets are not eligible for return or exchange.