Steve Bartkowski Atlanta Falcons Custom Replica 2-Bar Throwback Mini Helmet

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Atlanta Falcons custom made miniature football helmet by Rocker T Collectibles. This would be perfect for an autograph!!! The mini helmet has been customized to look like an authentic Riddell full size helmet worn by Steve Bartkowski in the mid-80's. There is upgraded hardware for the jaw pad area. There has been rivets added to resemble the jaw pad rivets. The chinstrap has been custom painted to resemble the 80's style Riddell chinstraps. This mini helmet has a custom painted 2-bar facemask just like was worn in the 70's and 80's. The numbers on the rear of the helmet can be easily removed if you'd like it just to be an 80's era Falcons helmet and not a Bartkowski replica. It also has the correct warning decal in the rear. This helmet is a must-have for any Falcons helmet collector. If you don't want just a regular mini helmet, this mini helmet is for you!