Odell Beckham Jr. Riddell New York Giants Color Rush Revo Speed Custom Replica Mini Helmet

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Prod. Code: NFL Replica

Odell Beckham Jr. New York Giants Color Rush Replica custom made miniature football helmet by Rocker T Collectibles. This would be perfect for an autograph from OBJ!!! It comes complete with a T-Mac Sports Under Armour Mini Visor. The visor also has white Under Armour visor clips. The visor also comes with your choice of Visor Insert color. The Insert gives the helmet a very aggressive appearance. You can remove the visor insert if you choose to make it clear just like on Odell's game day helmet. The mini helmet also has added simulated air valves near the jaw pad area just like the real Riddell Revo Speed full size helmet. There is upgraded hardware for the jaw pad area facemask clips. Two specialty screws were added to simulate a Riddell Quick Release Kit for the facemask. This mini helmet is a must-have for any New York Giants helmet collector. If you don't want just a regular mini helmet, this mini helmet is for you!