Demarcus Ware Dallas Cowboys Custom Schutt Throwback Mini Helmet

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Demarcus Ware Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day custom made replica miniature football helmet by Rocker T Collectibles. The mini helmet has been customized to look like DeMarcus' game worn Thanksgiving Day authentic Schutt full size helmet. It's complete with the correct style RJOP-DW-UB Metal Facemask that Demarcus wore in the beginning of his career with the Cowboys. DeMarcus' Dymo Tape nametag is even on the back. The Cowboys have used these same nametags since 1960. The chinstrap has been customized to look like the "screw down" style worn by DeMarcus. The last detail is correct Cowboys decals have been added to give it the correct look. This mini helmet is a must-have for any Dallas Cowboys helmet collector. If you don't want just a regular mini helmet, this mini helmet is for you!