Mini Helmet Adidas-style Visor

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(Visor comes clear. Choose with a Visor Insert and receive a $5 discount on the price of the Visor Insert)


T-Mac Sports Adidas-style Mini Helmet Visor. The visor is clear bendable plastic that attaches by Adidas-style plastic visor clips. The clips mount to the mini helmet facemask. Bend and place the visor behind the facemask. You then put the supplied screws through the clips and visor. Screw the supplied nuts to the screws and your finished! These truly make your mini helmets look custom. The Adidas-style visor is laser cut to mimic the full size visors. It comes with clear visor, two mounting clips, mounting hardware and your choice of colored visor tab decals. The visor comes clear, but you can also choose to add a colored visor insert to change the visor's appearance. When the Visor and Visor Insert are purchased together you receive a $5 discount on the price of the Visor Insert.