Schutt Vengeance V-SCC-Big Grill 1.0(Titanium) Chrome Full Size Facemask

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Prod. Code: Full Size Facemask

Schutt Vengeance V-SCC_Big Grill 1.0(Titanium) Chrome Full Size Facemask. It's finally here! Rocker T is now a true click and buy outlet for professionally chromed full size facemasks. Get the exact same high level chroming that is used by your favorite teams. Add this Vengeance Facemask to your prized helmet to make it into a dynamic collectible. The facemask fits all Adult sized Schutt Vengeance Full Size Helmets. 

**Facemasks do not come with facemask clips. Rocker T now offers Full Size Helmet Hardware so you can mount your new facemask with.  CLICK HERE 

*The chroming process is done by clipping the facemask to be held so it can be chromed from all angles. The two points which the facemask is clipped do not receive chroming. These two points are located where the facemask clips go onto the facemask. These are not flaws in the facemask's chrome. These are unavoidable and are present on every facemask.