Custom Molded Kelly Green Plastic Mini Helmet Facemask Clips

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Prod. Code: Clips

These are custom molded plastic facemask clips which you can now add to give your mini helmet a custom look. The clips can add a bit of nostalgia by looking like the 70's or 80's colored facemask clips. Or if you'd like to add them to look like the Shock Blockers which current players wear on the side mounted clips. They are easy to put on with only a screwdriver. And leave it to Rocker T Collectibles to get every detail correct. Others are selling molded clips, but their clips are being sold with the wrong style screws which don't fit the clips correctly. Rocker T Collectibles gets our hardware directly from Riddell. So you know these will work with your mini helmet. Each set comes with four custom clips and four Riddell Mini Helmet mounting screws.