1974-1987 San Diego Chargers Custom Riddell VSR4 Mini Helmet

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This is a custom built 1974-1987 San Diego Chargers Mini Helmet by Rocker T. This mini helmet comes with several Rocker T upgrades. It has a Throwback 70's Era OPO-SW Facemask, Yellow Facemask Clips, Rocker T Nose Snubber, Flush Mounted Jaw Pad Rivets, 80's Era 2-Point Chinstrap, both front and rear bumpers removed and the #14 on the rear of the helmet. It has one imperfection in the rear of the helmet. Riddell doesn't fully paint the VSR4 helmet shells all the way to the bottom edge of the helmets. So the removal of the rear bumper exposed a small area which doesn't have the Navy Blue paint. The helmet shell is black underneath and you can't really tell that it is lacking the paint in the rear. Please see the pictures and you can see that it's not noticeable. You will receive the exact helmet in the pictures. Helmet ships in original Riddell packaging.